Retaining Walls Bellingham WA

We Build strong & beautiful retaining walls for homeowners in bellingham, wa.

A retaining wall is a great way to increase the functionality of your outdoor space. With them, you can carve out patios and garden areas on sloping properties that are suitable for more than just lawns. They're also used as an aesthetic solution by beautifying properties with interesting features like rocks or gravel in stone walls. These additions will make property owners pleased with their new curb appeal!

Whatcom Landscape Maintenance is a full service landscape construction contractor, who specializes in retaining walls that use rock, block and concrete. The company provides both residential and commercial property owners with design as well as construction of these structures for their properties.

Bellingham Landscape Maintenance Company

Benefits Of Installing A Retaining Wall

  • Improves the value of a home.
  • This is a stabilizer for the soil.
  • Pleasing to the eye.
  • The system prevents flooding.
  • Stabilizes sloped landscapes.
  • Provides flat surfaces at intervals.
  • Maintenance is reduced.

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FAQ's About Retaining Walls

A typical retaining wall has four main components: the stem supports the backfill, the heel is at the back of the wall, and two shear keys project beneath to keep it in place.

A retaining wall is there to hold back the soil. But they can be made a lot of different ways. You might want to make them small for your garden or build them really big for a highway.

Retaining walls have been around for many years and are a popular choice of material. Wood, bricks, natural stones or concrete blocks can be used to create the perfect wall that suits your needs!

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