Bellingham WA Lawn Mowing Services

We keep your residential & commercial lawns mowed and looking clean.

bellingham wa lawn mowing services

Bellingham Lawn Mowing Service

For a beautiful lawn, you need professional landscaping services. We are Whatcom Landscape Maintenance and we have the experience to tackle your yard maintenance needs - from top-quality mowing service for all of our customers in Bellingham's residential areas to fertilizing and pest control treatments that keep bugs away while giving plants healthy nutrients. Schedule an appointment today!

Whatcom Landscape Maintenance is here with everything you could want when it comes to maintaining your backyard space: they offer complete lawn care solutions including light land clearing, mulch installation or removal (bagged), composting for those who prefer organic gardening techniques over chemical ones; weed management strategies like spraying weeds directly--and strategically pulling them by hand where possible; tree trimming so even branches are cleaned up!

Get started on your next landscape project today!

FAQ's About Our Bellingham Lawn Mowing Services

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